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    We provide armor for helicopters and cargo aircraft under our Armour of America brand. Armour of America (AoA) is an international leader in the aviation armor industry, having supplied dozens of countries with both rotary and fixed wing armor systems. Our international customers include: Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and New Zealand.


    AoA offers lightweight armor solutions using composite materials, specialty steel and ceramic tiles. These materials provide the required ballistic protection at the absolute minimum weight, consistent with cost effective design. Our niche is lightweight, custom designed, aviation ballistic protection systems.


    AoA has armored over 400 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft including the C-130, C-27J, Bell 205, 206, 222, 212, 407, 412, 430 & UH-1H, Huey II, UH-60, AS 350 & 355, BK 117, A-109, MI-8, MI-17, MD-530, AW139, and EC-225.


    AoA is especially proud to have been selected to provide armor protection for the newest U.S. transport aircraft – the C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft. We designed, manufactured, and installed armor protection for the radome, cockpit walls & floor, pilot seats, LOX & GOX bottles.





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