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    The MDT family of Medium Armored Tactical Vehicles (MATV) 8-12 ton vehicles is based on the Dodge® RAM® 5500 or Ford® F550 heavy duty platform, one of the best 4X4 commercial platforms in its category. A powerful 6.7-liter diesel engine boosting 380 HP and 610 lb-ft torque is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission and transfer case. This power-train easily handles the 8.8 ton, 19,500 lbs GVW Tiger, even at 60% slopes.


    The wheel base of the truck is shortened t0 130-132″, and the wheels are changed from the original 19.5R70/225 to 1050 mm 20″X12.5 MPT 80/81 tires with run-flat inserts. A rear axel suspension option modifies its original leaf-spring system. The wheel base is shortened to 127″, and a new Four Link suspension system, with coil-over-coil springs and adjustable gas pressure shock absorbers is installed. This innovative suspension system provides the Tiger and Tiger MkII with exceptional all terrain capabilities, while providing a comfortable ride for the crew.


    While the Tiger MkII and the Tiger each have a different distinctive look, the both share the same platform.




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